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Estate Planning

Ways to ease estate settlement

Older generations are expected to leave approximately $70 trillion to their families and others between 2018 and 2042. If handled incorrectly, there may be strings attached to these transfers, which can lead to stress, delay and costs for family members and other...

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How to revoke a will in Ohio

A valid will is a one of the most basic pieces of estate planning. A will clearly lays out how assets and debts should be distributed after the death of the will holder, known as a testator. However, as most everyone knows, life is unpredictable, and sometimes a will...

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Understanding quitclaim deeds

A quitclaim deed may be used as part of an estate plan. It allows a person to transfer the rights he or she has in property to another person. A deed is a legal document and it must contain a description of the property, the names of the parties and the signature of...

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