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Be cautious of commingling estate assets

Serving as an estate administrator or trustee can be an honor, especially when you’re doing so to help a lost loved one and your family. But a lot of responsibility comes with the position, and there’s a lot that you need to know to effectively and efficiently carry...

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What is testamentary capacity?

The passing of a loved one is upsetting enough by itself. The subsequent probate process can add even more negative emotion, especially if the will is contested. But wills are not often contested out of greed or self-interest. More commonly, they are contested because...

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Revocable trusts: Help and hype

The revocable trust is an increasingly popular tool in estate planning, and indeed a revocable trust can be a very useful thing to have. Unlike wills and testamentary trusts, a revocable trust goes into effect during your lifetime, so you can see the results in real...

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