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Financial Worries In Our Hands

Foreclosure Defense

Have you and your family fallen so far behind on monthly house payments that a mortgage company, bank or financial institution is pursuing legal action against you?

Are you fearful that your creditor will separate you from the home you may have built yourself, and grew your family in?

While you look for foreclosure defense and bankruptcy petition assistance in Dayton, to continue to maintain possession of the home you worked hard to afford, here are three important things you should know about us, at the Kennel Zeigler LLC law firm:

We are compassionate. We never judge a bankruptcy or foreclosure client. Our main objective in every case is to help you climb out of that financial hole.

We are creative. Our combined years of experience have taught us a range of legal strategies, from short sales and lien stripping to negotiations with creditors for loan modifications. One or more approaches, applied to your specific problem, can conclude in a favorable outcome.

We are client-focused. Kennel Zeigler LLC attorneys provide the kind of daily personal service and accessibility to your questions that make you feel special.

Are you being harassed by creditors in ways that distract you from your goal of working to repay mortgage debt? Did the burden of medical debt from expensive health care for a serious illness or injury contribute to your indebtedness? Has a contested divorce become more costly than you thought? Whatever the circumstances that led to attacks on ownership of your home, Kennel Zeigler LLC uses every weapon in its arsenal to achieve the debt relief you deserve.

The Sooner You Bring Your Financial Worries To Us, The Sooner We Can Handle Them

The timing of our quality representation is of utmost importance. Creditors may be bearing down on you, preparing to foreclose on your Ohio home, even as you read this. Contact us today is you are receiving mortgage foreclosure threats — we will work hard to stop foreclosure, protect your rights and preserve your investment in your property.

Our lawyers look forward to receiving your call to 937-576-9991 or your email message sent from this website.

*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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