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Avoid foreclosure with a mortgage forbearance

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Foreclosure Defense |

When Ohio residents realize they cannot afford their current mortgage payments, they may worry that the bank will foreclose on their house. However, people may sometimes be able to get a mortgage forbearance to help them manage these payments.

People may find themselves unable to pay their mortgage for many reasons. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says these reasons include an unexpected injury or illness and home damage after a natural disaster. Some people may not be able to afford their mortgage if they lose their job or have to take fewer hours. In these situations, many people may be able to request a mortgage forbearance. Some people might think a forbearance means they no longer need to make these payments. This is not the case, though. People typically still need to pay their mortgage; however, they can usually pay a lower amount each month. In some situations, a lender may allow people to temporarily stop their payments. It is important to remember, though, that people generally have to continue making these payments later. A family’s particular situation determines the type of forbearance a lender might offer.

Many people might think that their lender has a standard forbearance option. However, many variables determine the kind of forbearance a person receives. Lenders typically consider the requirements laid out in the loan, as well as the kind of loan a homeowner has. Additionally, different lenders usually have their own policies. It is important for people to sit down with their lender so they fully understand all of their options.

When people realize they cannot pay their mortgage, they may sometimes hesitate because they do not know what to do next. According to, it is important for people to take action as soon as they know they cannot make mortgage payments. It is a good idea for people to get in touch with their lender and explain what is going on. Additionally, some lenders may want to see evidence that people are in a difficult financial situation. This evidence might be medical bills or pictures of the damage to a house. If someone lost his or her job, he or she may want to bring in any paperwork explaining the situation.


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