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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At Kennel Zeigler LLC, we have years of experience helping people in Ohio from all walks of life find lasting debt relief solutions. Our attorneys are very familiar with the process and have seen impressive results in Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Here are a few potential benefits of filing for a fresh start under Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Put an immediate stop to wage garnishment
  • Quickly halt sheriff’s sales
  • Promptly end harassing calls from creditors
  • Eliminate credit card debts, medical debts, personal loans and other unsecured debts
  • Find relief from stressful lawsuits over your debt

How The Process Works

To qualify for Chapter 7, you have to pass a means test. Essentially, this means that you must prove your income and assets fall below a certain limit. While many people believe this means you have to forfeit all of your assets, this is not true. With proper planning, you are often able to keep those that matter most to you — such as your home, car and many personal belongings.

As soon as you file the paperwork, an automatic stay will go into effect. This is a court order that stops creditor harassment, wage garnishment and much more. You will feel relief immediately after starting the process.

Bankruptcy Is For Everybody

Federal bankruptcy law exists because it is a vital part of our capitalist society. Without the ability to start fresh, too many people would crumble under the pressures of our economy. By declaring bankruptcy when you need to, you have the opportunity to open a new chapter. And the process doesn’t hurt anybody — the small loss that credit card companies see is nothing compared to the massive relief you will feel.

You are also never too young to declare bankruptcy. With the pressures of student loan debt mounting in our country, young adults often wait too long to find relief. Remember — by declaring bankruptcy, you’re often doing a good thing for the economy and yourself.

You Won’t Automatically Lose Everything

Contrary to myth, you won’t lose all your property when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Both state and federal law provide exemptions, allowing you to keep a certain amount of property. Many people don’t lose anything at all. Our attorneys can explain the details and help you understand exactly how much you would be eligible to keep.

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*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.