Defend Your Home Against Foreclosure

If you simply can't keep up with your mortgage payments, the worst thing you can do is to ignore the problem. Taking action is always best, even if it's only choosing to learn about your options. You may not be ready to file bankruptcy, and that's all right. You do have bankruptcy alternatives. You do have hope.

Turn to Kennel Zeigler LLC in Dayton, Ohio. We assist homeowners like you through the state who are having trouble paying the bills. Whether your goal is to fight the foreclosure in state court or negotiate with your lender, our lawyers can provide the knowledgeable counsel you seek.

We Can Advise You About The Different Possibilities

Our attorneys know how to stop a foreclosure sale or eliminate debt in many different ways, depending on the particular facts and circumstances of the case. Here are a few of the potential options:

  • A loan modification — It may be possible to negotiate with your lender for a lower interest rate on your mortgage.
  • A deed in lieu of foreclosure — This can allow you to transfer the house's title to the bank in exchange for getting out of the mortgage.
  • A short sale — You may be able negotiate with the lender to sell the property for less than you owe.
  • A forbearance agreement — Some mortgage lenders are willing to suspend, postpone or reduce payments for a certain amount of time.
  • A bankruptcy petition — Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to create a manageable, interest-free repayment plan to catch up on the arrears. As soon as you file bankruptcy, the court will also put an immediate stop to foreclosure proceeding or any scheduled sheriff's sale.

Learn More About Foreclosure Defense In A Free Consultation

Contact Kennel Zeigler LLC to set up a free initial consultation about your situation. Simply call our Dayton office at 937-356-3735 or email us. Weekend appointments are available by request.

*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.